Top 10 Scholarships In Russia 2022-2023

Top 10 Scholarships In Russia 2022-2023

Top 10 Scholarships In Russia 2022-2023

Top 10 Scholarships In Russia 2022-2023: If you are interested in studying in Russia, you made the right decision. Russia is the world’s largest country in the area. It has a significant number of world-renowned universities. Russia became a destination for many international students each year.


Both international and Russian students can apply to get a government scholarship. But in order to get a scholarship, you have to pass the entrance exam or the so-called Uniform State Examination (EGE).


Indeed, every year, the Russian government grants a group of students a number of scholarships in Russia. Such scholarships include the coverage of the university tuition fees. This means that the student will study for free. It may also include the accommodation fees, in addition to a 1,500 rubles monthly scholarship.


How to Apply for a Government Scholarship

1- Visit Study in Russia Website and check the available scholarships

2- Contact the consulate in your country and check the number of available government scholarships and disciplines. Getting a state scholarship depends on the relation between your country and Russia. For some countries, there are limits to the number of scholarships, but also the type of disciplines.

3- Register on the aforementioned website and download a scholarship application form.

You have to provide the following:

  • Personal information (full name, date of birth, country of residence, e-mail, and contact telephone number)
  • Level of your education and the earned certificates
  • The discipline you will study in Russia
  • Level of Russian
  • Copy of passport

4- Wait for an invitation to participate in the admission exam

You will be contacted to take examinations and interviews to determine whether you will get the scholarship or not.

5- Find your name among the accepted candidates;

This information will be available on the scholarships’ website or sent via email directly to the student.

6- If you were on the list, you would have to provide additional documents, such as a medical certificate. You have to submit all the required documents, altogether with the Russian translation.