Documents You Need When Applying To Study Abroad On Scholarship

Documents You Need When Applying To Study Abroad On Scholarship

Documents You Need To Study Abroad On Scholarship

Documents You Need To Study Abroad On Scholarship: Are you an undergraduate planning to study abroad? Are you a recent graduate seeking to further your studies abroad? Do you find it hard figuring out the documents needed to process your scholarship? This article will get you all the answers you need.

Studying abroad can be a huge financial responsibility. This is because a lot of bills have to be paid to make this a reality, ranging from getting passports, your flight tickets, application fees, school fees, accommodation fees, as well as other expenses that will definitely come up while making arrangements for your trip.

Scholarship is a means of financing a student’s studies, especially students who have exceptional academic skills. This can be done by schools, organisations, or an individual.

1. Application form
This is the most essential and important form needed in order to apply for scholarship opportunities. This form should be properly filled with the correct information. It would either make or break you in your admission process, so this is why it must be accurately filled out.

2. An international passport
Of course, your international passport should be one of the most important documents you should have. It is your means of travelling outside of your country to explore and discover new things. However, it is required of you to apply for your international passport early if you don’t have one so as to get your student Visa as early as possible.

Also, your passport must be valid for at least 3years at the time of Visa application.

3. Academic transcript
This is a statement of your results. This is for those applying for a master’s degree or postgraduate degree. This is an academic sheet of the courses you studied, your marks and grades or scores.

4. WAEC result
This WAEC (West African Examination Council) is an important document for those applying for undergraduate studies (BSc). This will be proof of the completion of your secondary school education and also help the university check if you meet their criteria for the scholarship.

5. English Proficiency Letter

Some countries and institutions demand English Proficiency Test scores, which can also be referred to as IELTS (International English Testing System). This is to ensure you can read, write and speak English efficiently.

Therefore, this letter entails your scores, which show your ability to use English efficiently.


6. Curriculum Vitae
This is a document that gives well-detailed information about your academic and professional history. It gives a detail of your degree, internship, and relevant work experience. Adding your professional certificates is also necessary.