Rhoman Releases New Ep – Dawn of Thaverybahdman

Rhoman Releases New Ep  Dawn of Thaverybahdman

Rhoman Releases New Ep  Dawn of Thaverybahdman

Rhoman Releases New Ep  Dawn of Thaverybahdman: The Eastside Rapper Rhoman was born in Osun state, lived in Lagos, and is currently based in Awka. Rhoman Thaverybahdman has earned a global following for blending sounds and rap stylings with a hard-core act of artistic sensibility. Rhoman, DAWN OF THAVERYBAHDMAN is rhoman’s first “EP project”, and his most intimate to date reassuring to Drop on I7th December.

The ep contains a beautiful and honest collection of six (6) songs, straight from the here and inspired by a track titled – “Jegede hustle”Never afraid to write about a difficult situation, Whilst detailing his heartbreaks, ups, and downs in his writing,

Rhoman’s optimistic and appreciative outlook on life has managed to create an empowering and uplifting project, full of promise, all songs Recorded in ATOWN Anambra State.”Writing these songs was my way of expressing mostly Every day to day encounter we’re faced
with down in the Street and inside life as an African Nigerian Igho man. All of the songs are intense, fun-filled, motivational, intriguing, and hardcore but it’s not all a sad story,
Perhaps no one on the Eastern music scene has articulated the experience of growing up in the chaos mixed with the fun and sorrows of the Nigerian society hoping through visualization for
greener pastures quite like Roman Thaverybahdman

The Ep is more like a postcard from the East to the Westside of the globe (Lasgidi), in Rhoman’swords, as well as a valediction to, a time that’s gone. More ‘Street/ Love Lust/ Life Scenes From
the Diary of Thaverybahdman Rhoman. As well as the end of something, this is the first chapter.”

Rhoman Releases New Ep  Dawn of Thaverybahdman

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