Don Jazzy mourns ‘losing’ Rihanna to A$AP.

Don Jazzy mourns ‘losing’ Rihanna to A$AP.

Don Jazzy mourns ‘losing’ Rihanna to A$AP.

Don Jazzy mourns ‘losing’ Rihanna to A$AP: “It’s done,” was the enigmatic Instagram post by Don Jazzy. Yet, the going with picture expressed huge number of words. The most significant, however, is that the Don of Marvin Records realm is shattered.

Wear Jazzy is the maestro of music creation, singing and business. Be that as it may, the agreeable Don Baba J has one shortcoming – fixation on Rihanna.

He has never concealed his adoration for the “Umbrella” vocalist from Barbados. He has made bunches of photoshop pictures of him with her.

There was a report of Rihanna saying “No” to him. Yet, it never extinguished his affection for the honor winning vocalist.

Then on Monday, images surfaced of a heavily pregnant Rihanna and A$AP in Harlem, New York.

The We Found Love singer made no effort to hide her belly — in fact, she was baring it proudly, despite freezing temperatures and snow.

So Don Jazzy made that post — “It’s finished”.

@Lasisielenu replied, “Chaiiiii what a wicked world. But bro, e get one babe near my street, her name na Riri Ayobami.

“Maaaa follow am talk for you? What do you think bro?”

@funkejenifaakindele consoled him: “He’s (A$SAP) just keeping her company cause you not in the US.

“I’m sure you will be with her soon. Congrats on the pregnancy Don.”

In fact, Don Jazzy trended on social media over Rihanna.

The star didn’t wear a shirt under her colorful jacket — though temperatures in the city dipped down to 24 degrees Fahrenheit that day, just before Winter Storm Kenan blew in with several inches of show.